Changing the lottery system

Almost every week when the winners of the lottery are announced, people are complaining in the Telegram chat about the staking wallets with a lot of volume, those wallets win most of the time, this problem is already recognized within the community.

The idea is to make Tiers in the staking system and split the weekly amount of the lottery price (504000 Divi) over those staking wallets. Instead of one big winner and 10 smaller winners, we will have in every Tier a winner and the amount of those lottery prices will be valued to it.

Tier 1: 10k - 500k staking amount (1 winner)

Tier 2: 500k - 1M staking amount (1 winner)

Tier 3: 1M - 5M staking amount (1winner)

Tier 4: 5M - 15M… and so go on…

I don’t know if this is achievable because I have no knowledge about the system behind staking but I hope someone can work it out further.

Yri Ri