Changes to the lottery system

I think the lottery system needs some serious tuning. Week after week we see some of the same winners over and over again, and these address have tens of millions of divi in them. Worse, they win multiple lotteries. I am proposing changes to rate limit winning by the same person without introducing opportunities to game the system.

The changes are as follows:

  1. no address can win more than one lottery. When two UTXOs from the same address are in the winning 11, drop the lower hash.
  2. In order to win the small lottery at least 10K must have been at the address for at least 1 month.
  3. in order to win the large lottery, at least 10K must have been at the address for at least 6 months
  4. reduce the big winner to 126,000 divi and add 5 more smaller winners

I believe this will rate limit how often large divi holders can win the lottery without introducing a method by which to game the system. For example, splitting the wallet into many smaller addresses does not improve your chances of winning with this system. Moving funds after a win doesn’t improve your chances of winning with this system. This system will, in time, increase the chances of winning the big lottery for smaller holders.



I like this proposal Baldy.

Splitting the wallet into many smaller addresses will make it possible to win more than one price but lower the probability of each address proportional to the amount split.

Sounds like an intelligent proposition.

I support it.

I already talked about this long ago when we started seeing the whales somehow winning several lottery jackpots the same week - week after week. Clearly abuse/gaming the algorithms.


I hope those who do have been doing this are going to hide and stay anonymous 4 ever.

Because I will likely never as much as look or smile at them when we all meet some day at a “Divi Party/Even”

Being such a rich, un-ethical, amoral, human-being - stealing from everybody and destroying something beautiful. How can you even live with your self.

I hate Capitalism, Egoism and Greed.


Well I love capitalism (we don’t have capitalism) because its the best way to deal with the fact that humans have greed and egoism and there is no way around that. Please know that I know many whales. They are constantly giving up winnings to donate nodes, masternodes and side projects, they just don’t make a big deal about it. Some of them haven’t even won the lottery!

That aside, The Lottery will always benefit those who stake more often. It is part of the inducement to own more Divi, which is what we want. However, the current implementation of the lottery overly benefits them and these simple tweaks should reduce the frequency that whales win and open the chances up to other people.

I am glad you like the idea. I hope these changes get implemented.


It’s a great idea to give everybody a decent chance to win the lottery. The lottery system is a very unique feature of DIVI it would be a shame to see that feature only benefit larger Divi holders. On a side note it would be great to track lottery winners to see how the system is doing through blockchain explorer.

You’re so right! It isn’t fair that the lottery is won by the same people over and over again. Personally I’ve won 1 time (a small prize) in March.

Felt really good obviously, but if you win every other week it doesn’t feel that good anymore I presume. :wink:

I Agree Baldy.

On most of it :slight_smile:

But not all wealthy people are good at heart. And you also know that. That is why the world we live in is so heartless ( poor people on the streets in the most rich countries when it dont have to be like that ) - Wars all the time.

Remember when the US is in war…more or less the whole world is at war as allies or opponements. And un-needed wars 24/7 is not a world where the good people run the show sadly. Between the weapon wars we got trade wars…that is also war…and hacking wars…24/7 365…We also both know that. Wars only benefit the wallet of the biggest weapon manufactures ( USA, Sweden, Russia, China - and the investors of those firms ( ups the rich elite gain ) ) and those who want world control through oil/gas/metals/narcotics/slaves in the old days and what not.

Capitalism is money over people to me. Because that is how it is in the real world. That is why it is not called social-ism or Human-ism. Its Capital-ism = Money-ism…>>Money-Over-Human-Lifes-ism<< In Reality. Forget what the books say.

Look at the actions as result of the system.

The books are written by the inventors of Capitalism ( money-over-humanbeings-ism) Never ask the creator for the answers…it’s like asking the car seller if you should buy the car he is selling…or asking the priest if god exists…you do not do that either do you? :slight_smile: Because then you already know the answer before you ask.

That was todays dose of wisdom.

Have a lovely Divi day


Need to find a way to get around the fact that if you had say 20k sitting in an address in one utxo, and that utxo was staking, it counts as “leaving” then coming back.

Yes that is true. Coinage is reset with each stake which will give that new UTXO a 1 or 6 months timeout regarding lottery. Since only UTXOs that win a stake will “receive” a ticket for lottery we will have a problem :wink: