Blocked on Telegram Support Group - need help

Expected behavior

Got blocked on telegram support group because I may have posted wrong informations, which belong to other of my friends accounts …

Actual behavior

Need support, because my MN is not running since today (red in wallet, contact support message), yesterday I got confirmation, that my 1-year-contract was payed correctly … issue since today

Operating system

Mac OSX macOS Catalina - Version 10.15.7

Detailed reproduction steps

I think it has to do with the payment and end of 1-year-cycle … but bill was confirmed and payed yesterday via PayPal and again confirmed by my credit card payment …

How to get entrance into the support group again? “the voice” helped me several times in the last years and the support was very quick

thanks Michael

Yes it looks like you banned yourself


And these three don’t include the verbal warnings by support community.

I will go into the bot and adjust the settings so you can re-join

If you accidentally forward links again the spam-prevention tool with ban you again.

Also your masternode appears to be running