Autopilot for Masternodes



Mark one
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It would be great we could sellect the following functions to be done by the client authomatically:

1.Restart: If stopped = Always start a Masternode (I wonder why do Masternodes stop anyway?)
2: Creating Mastrnode: If enough DIVI = Deploy the largest Mastrnode(s) possible.
3: Joining Mastrnodes: If enough DIVI staked and spendable = Dismantle smaller Masternodes and deploy the largest Mastrnode(s) possible


P.S. I wrote DONE by client. What i meant is select through client so that it is being done on the server automatically even if we cannot access our client. That’s the whole idea :slight_smile:

(OriZ) #3

Masternodes never stop. It is due to a sync issue in the wallet with multiple solutions already in the process of being researched and implemented. For more info join the support channel on telegram there have been many discussions there regarding the issue.

Some people might not want to deploy the largest node by default, if they want to leave some for staking, so option #2 and #3 would not be in most people’s best interest.


And that’s why it would be good to have those as options.

Like tick or untick the box :slight_smile:


Currently I’ve got some nodes in old technology and I’m worried, whether the new PyPal function is going to work. What if I dissolve my old Masternodes, but then, surprise, surprise. You know as they say. Third party, three times the probblems. What if find out that i cannot start a new Masternode for whatever reson? The bitter experience with Divi Desktop taught me to be cautious.

It should work like this. I’ve got the required amount of DIVI (including the fee) so i start the Masternode or the Mastrernode starts itself, and it just works. Carefree. Flawless.