Are they all dead, Dave?


You’re probably guessing what this topic is going to be about, oriz123.

I’m addressing you directly, since we seem to be the last humans (not that i want to assume anybody’s species or anything!) alive on these forums.

Srsly. Where did everybody go???

(OriZ) #2

lol…unfortunately most people don’t participate in the forum, some don’t even know about it. If you’re also on tg(not sure what your handle would be there?), feel free to invite people to take part in the convo!




Hi, nice to meet you, Pata :smiley:

Indeed where did all those ancient philosophers go. Every day was an outpour of brave new ideas.
It looks like they spent all their brainpower by mid to late October… :slight_smile:


Long story short.

I feel most ideas have been put on the table for now.

The Divi Project got it all figured out more or less by now.

They are smart, intelligent and experienced people with great connections.

So i’am just waiting for my delayed christmas present in Q1. The Divi wallet.

Then Divi can begin to market it self seriously.

Development takes time, and writing the laws about crypto world wide takes time, adoption takes time, it is all about patience. No new technology went from 0 to 100 in a few years. Even the PC took over a decade of development and adoption to become mainstream. Same with the internet.

The revolution of money that is the last thing the big powers in the world want. They will fight it as much as they can to delay it. So it is doomed to go slower than it should no matter what. In 10 years fiat is done. So hodl hard. We are on Mars in 10 years my friends. This is just the beginning.

Just make sure your Divi are growing every year those 10 years.

Comment, like and share every Divi video, tweet, article and so on all those years. And tell your family and friends about crypto and Divi. Send them some Divi and help them install the wallet.