Alternative naming for DIVI Masternodes


A little game with words.
Let’s suggest some alternative coloquial names for DIVI Masternodes.

Copper Node = Weenode or Kidnode
Silver Node = Midnode or Fitnode
Gold Node = Big Node or Chunker Node
Platinium Node = Large Node or XXL Node
Diamond Node = Mothernode or BMF Node

Got better ideas anyone?
Pls feel invited to share :slight_smile:


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Nice! Although it takes some knowledgo of astronomy. Perhaps we can have customizable themes?!
Not to mention, I would always prefer to have Earth. Just a personal bias. Ive got connections with that planet. It’s complicated :wink:

And how about
Largest to smallest…

High King

I like this one because everybody can recognize the hierarchy and every level sounds positive just like the valuable metals. Someone could also try one with precious Stones btw!


I like the idea of making up something cooler and more unique.

But, has to be something serious.

Also, not something that is confusing.

So even when weenode sounds decent. It is totally confusing from a crypto adoption point.

The XXL node is pretty cool.

Small node, Medium node, Large node, XL node, XXL node, and so on. That is acceptable.

But I also like copper, silver, gold, platinium, diamond.

I prefer the stone/metal naming because it is cooler so to say. I feel the stone/metal naming both reflect seize of the masternode pretty well and that it is something prestigious of high value. ( sorry spelling correcter is not working )

It is like from wow. Grey items, Green, Blue, Epic, Legendary.

But keep thinking. There may be something even better.

Best regards



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The Pope