# A Thank You Letter To The People Behind The Divi Project

Hello everybody,

I just want to say that i’m proud of the team ( also the volunteers )

Back in Q1 2018 when I joined The Divi Project. The vision was great and the goals were big.

But as we all remember from Q1, Q2, Q3 2018 Divi was still a project in creation even on the drawing board. You can say the raw outline was there but some edges had to be fixed and a few things added and adjusted.

Back then the success was not guaranteed like it I feel it is today.

You can just look my posting history on this profile from 2018 to see what i’m talking/hinting to.

But I would say the worst part is over and it is impossible to mention the names of who we can thank for that. Because they are numerous. My self included.

The one thing that made me realize that Divi was the only crypto/investment where I could trust the people behind was the fact that the team actually listened. And not just “made it look like” they listened, but also proved it in their actions later on ( rather fast actually, within days or max 14 days mostly ) That was really impressing and rare!

So I after a month of thinking sold my whole portfolio ( 10 coins ) and bought only Divi.

I also noticed from the start from the youtube videos that the team was real human-beings just like my self. Nerdy, smart, intelligent, smiling, positive, hopeful, passionate, and good-hearted people.

So the choice was rather easy when I added it all up. No other project I had seen had nothing on Divi’s vision/whitepaper and the people behind the project. So all in I went.

Finishing up this thank you letter now.

As my ending note, I just want to say that i’m really proud of you all. You are so cool, you kick so much ass. Also the volunteers.

The Divi Project would not stand today without all of us.

I can give my signature on that statement.

( trust me, you need to be some serious outstanding people to get this much praise from me! My standards are really high and the old-timers here know it )

That is also why you rarely hear from me any longer, you guys are running the show like a boss so i’m not needed anymore.

Best regards