a plague of orphaned stake rewards

(Baldy) #1

I have been sitting here watching my wallet stake away. I admit I have quite a large load of coins. However, I am surprised to see, so far, 6 stake rewards in a row orphaned. I get them in, then they disappear before I get 2 confirmations. Apparently this has happened to Oriz also and is supposed to be a rare event. It doesn’t feel rare.

(Baldy) #2

update: 7 consecutive orphans

(Baldy) #3

Fixed on the 8th reward. It was my VPN. Some countries provide too slow overall connection. seem to need at least 20 mbps download and 3 mbps upload

(Yurraolex) #4

Having orphan stakes is pretty normal, means that you have generated stake but it wasn’t accepted because someone else was a bit faster

(OriZ) #5

Hi @yuraolex I would assume it’s normal, just seemed weird two different people had them MULTIPLE times in a row. But, seems like the vpn fixed it for him. I also usually have a pretty fast connection so was just odd…and kinda like my vpn lol.

(Baldy) #6

Yeah, I know an orphan is normal once in a while. But 7 in a row?

I think my connection sucked. I have to keep tabs on it.